The evolution of home/ shelters used by mankind

evolution-of-homeThe homes that we live in today have undergone great evolutionary changes as compared to the first homes that were inhabited by prehistoric man. History shows that the very first abodes that man used were caves. These are natural formations that mankind did not contribute in any way to create but rather moved into them realizing that they provided great shelters.

Man chose caves as places to live in due to the protection he would get from various things. One of the things that the ancient man needed protection from was the adverse weather. Mankind is not a very hardy creature. Unlike wild animals that have thick tough skin or hide, mankind fins it tough to withstand conditions such as very low temperatures. Mankind also found caves to be good protection from direct hot sunlight, snow fall, rain, and strong winds.

Man also found caves ideal hiding places from dangerous animals that would attack and kill man. This included animals that would hunt man for food and animals that were naturally violent such as buffaloes and elephants.

The caves were also safe places that groups of people or families could live in and have some safety from other hostile people. Mankind has always been hostile against other fellows of his species. This has especially been the case amongst people from different clans, tribe, or race. Due to the constant feuds that existent between the people, it was important to live in places that could be easily defended.

Mankind also chose to have caves as his home so as to have a place where he could store his property. At this time property included food and tools. Man would use the cave as a suitable storage facility where he could keep his extra food such as meat, fruit, herbs, and nuts. The cave was convenient for keeping the food safe from scavenging animals and other people who might come and steal the food.

The same concerns have existed for mankind have existed since then to the present day. However, mankind’s innovation has helped him develop much more suitable homes to live in. He has been able to come up with all kinds of homes using different materials to have a more secure homes. Today mankind is focusing a lot on convenience in his choice of a home. Some people chose to live in shipping container homes due to the convenience they provide.

The homes that mankind lives today are more adapted towards the various needs for mankind including incorporating various amenities inside the house. For example mankind today can bathe and have the toilet inside the house.

Despite the advanced nature of the homes that mankind lives in today there are also some challenges. A major challenge is in the materials that are used to make the house. A major scare for people is the presence of asbestos in the building materials. Asbestos is known to cause several health adversities which includes cancer. As such people are encouraged to first check for the presence of asbestos before moving into a house.

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