Reminiscing my much-loved first home in a studio apartment

studio-apartment-1When I moved from my parents’ home to start living independently, I had very different challenges form the challenges that I face today. When I moved out from my parents’ house, my biggest challenge was to find a house that I could afford and a house that was as close as possible to where I had just been employed.

My first home was a small studio apartment that I loved a great deal. It was a cramped musty room that had a very poor view. The window faced the wall of the next building and only minimal sunlight could stream in. I did not mind this though because I was rarely at home. Most of the time during the day I was at work and I only came into the house in the evening and the sun was by then long gone; a view would also be useless at that time.

The cramped house would not allow for many belongings but this suited me fine. I was not eager to buy much. I had very few possessions including a small futon that conveniently doubled as a couch and as a bed. I had a bed but the futon was a handy piece whenever a friend came to spend. Apart from the futon, my bed, the TV, a wardrobe, a coffee table and my bedside cabinet I had very little else.

Despite the very few belongings and the cramped space, I loved my room a great deal. During the weekends when I was not working, I would spend many hours on the futon-couch playing video games on the TV. I would hardly realize the time passing. I rarely cooked in the house despite having a small gas burner and all the necessary utensils. For my food I usually bought some from a neighborhood outlet.

I was very comfortable in my small house and I especially liked the fact that it helped me save a lot of money due to its low rent and the fact that I did not have to buy lots of stuff to furnish the house. I also liked the house since I did not have a lot of work cleaning it. I hate house cleaning tasks and the fact that the house was small it was a great advantage for me; I would barely spend an hour cleaning the house.

I eventually had to move out of my house when I fell in love with my girlfriend. She was appalled at the condition of the house and urged me to move. Despite my love for the house, my love for my girlfriend was greater and finally I moved to my new house. It is a bigger house with a better view. I still live in the house with my then-girlfriend who is now my wife.

The only similarity of our new house and my former old house is the humidity. However, unlike in my old home, we now have a whole house dehumidifier that helps to control the humidity.

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