Signs that one needs to wear bruxism mouth guards and the different types of mouth guards

mouth-guardsBruxism is a relatively new condition in the medical world although it is a condition that has probably been with mankind for a very long time. Bruxism is recorded to have started being seriously considered in the early 1900’s. To date, a cure for the condition has not been discovered although there are several ways through which the condition can be managed.

One of the common ways for managing bruxism that is advisable for people who experience severe teeth grinding or jaw clenching is the use of night mouth guards. Night mouth guards are important if the individual realizes that he or she is experiencing several abnormal conditions such as damaged teeth.

Severe bruxism can lead to an individual having cracked teeth due to the vigorous action of the teeth grinding or the teeth clenching. Despite the teeth being made up of hard tough bone, the bone matter is also bristle and excessive force can cause cracks or breakages. The individual might also notice some chipped enamel from the teeth. In some cases, excessive bruxism will even cause teeth dislocation or relocation.

An individual will also need to start wearing bruxism mouth guards if they start experiencing hyper sensitivity in their teeth. Hypersensitivity is usually caused when the teeth enamel is worn out by the intrusive forces of teeth grinding or teeth clenching. Hypersensitivity can be very uncomfortable especially when one is taking cold or hot substances.

The use of mouth guards is also encouraged when the individual notices that they are waking up with headaches or sore jaws. Intensive bruxism action might lead to headaches and ear aches that are usually felt for some time after one wakes up from sleep. Wearing mouth guards helps avoid this since the mouth guard will prevent one from getting the grinding or clenching sensation derived when the bare teeth meet. As such the action will be reduced or prevented.

People who also produce noisy sounds when they are asleep can wear mouth guards. There are mouth guards that are made with soft material that will help minimize the sound produced when teeth are grinding together. Mouth guards will also help discourage the individual to subconsciously engage in the grinding.

There are different types of mouth guards that one can wear so as to control and manage bruxism. The most affordable type is known as the stock mouth guard.

The stock mouth guard can be bought from department stores and they are ready to wear. They are not very costly and they come with fixed size and dimensions. Due to their fixed solid state they can be uncomfortable to wear since people have different mouth, teeth size and configuration.

The other type of mouth guard is the boil and bite mouth guard. These are made with a thermoplastic material that is first boiled to soften it. The user then bites into the soft mouth guard and the soft material is malleable enough to conform to the user’s teeth shape and size. They are more comfortable to use as compared to stock mouth guards.

The most comfortable mouth guards however are the custom made mouth guards that are made to the wearer’s mouth and teeth dimensions. They are also more costly.

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