Making Your Way in the World

Making Your Way in the World

A huge percentage of the population has been hard hit by the harsh economic times. This has driven a number of people to look for lucrative and well-paying jobs. Others have been forced to juggle between two or more tasks to make ends meet. Yet in the current world, job seekers look for highly trained individuals for job considerations. This has forced several people back to colleges or institutions of higher learning.

The field of medicine remains one of the most lucrative owing to the ever emerging new medical issues. One of the most promising jobs in the sector is that of being an ultrasound technician. The salary of a sonographer (as they are referred to) largely depends on the level of education and years of experience one has. Other factors that determine the paycheck include the state where one resides as well as the type of setting where one works.

The State of California remains the highest paying in terms of average salaries for ultrasound technicians at $86.550, beating even the national mean wage which is $67, 170. After California are Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Rhode Island. Anyone reconsidering relocating to these states should also remember towns within the mentioned states have higher costs of living when compared to the rest of the states in US. On the other hand, states that offer lower salaries often have lower costs of living. They are; Alabama, South Dakota, West Virginia, South Carolina and Mississippi.

Technicians trained in the ultrasound department are likely to find jobs in hospitals and ambulatory centers. It is easier to secure jobs in the lowest paying states because of the rural setting. All the same, improving one’s credentials remains the most favorable means to get better pay.

Top Schools for Biomedical Engineering

Health is an important component in any sphere of life. Biomedical Engineers are charged with the duty of improving overall human health. To obtain employment after training, one needs to be qualified. Of course many employers look at the credentials, but to a large extent, they also look at the institution one trains at. Top schools for Biomedical Engineering in the US include;

  • Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore- This is one of the highly rated medical universities not only in the US but in the world as well.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta- The institution is also highly ranked and offers a wide range of programs.
  • University of California- San Diego- The campus has modern facilities making it ideal for biomedical engineering training.

These institutions offer comprehensive courses, making a student excel. With modern day facilities, they are a good option for people hoping to make their way in the World.

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